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All background investigations are conducted by company employees.  We offer several different categories of background investigations depending on the needs of our clients.  Our Category I and II background investigations utilize specialized electronic databases made available to licensed private investigators and provide only basic information (i.e. Civil/Criminal records, DMV records, Social Security information, Property Ownership, etc.)  However, as with any database, the information they contain is only as accurate as what is entered into them, and in many cases, what is not entered.  As a result, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information retrieved from a database.

The most effective means of conducting a background investigation is actual field investigative work.  Our Category III background investigation offers this service to our clients.  If the matter is important enough to hire a private investigations company, then we "highly" recommend you consider our Category III background investigation. 

Field investigative work allows our background investigator to validate information retrieved from a database to ensure its accuracy and completeness.  Our background investigators physically check records at county courthouses, county tax assessors, county clerk's office, etc.  Field investigative work enables our background investigator to develop "secondary" sources of information.  A secondary source of information is a person, business entity, or factual piece of information that is not readily associated with the subject of the background investigation.  It is developed in the field by the background investigator through interviews with friends, family members, relatives, employers, business associates, etc.  These are the most productive sources of information because many times they are not disclosed by the applicant and yield valuable information.  

Basic information - Drivers License Status/Record, Local Criminal Record, Local Civil Court Search, and Social Security Search. FEE: $199.00

Moderate level of information - Drivers License Status/Record, Criminal Record Check Multiple Counties, Civil Court Search, UCC Filings, Social Security Search, Corporation/Limited Partnerships, Fictitious Business Filings, and Credit Checks.  FEE: $299.00       

Extensive information - All of the above and the following:  confirmation of stated level of education, physical interview with applicant, actual field investigative work conducted by the background investigator to confirm prior employment, residences, interview with personal references/neighbors and identification of secondary sources of information. 
Our Category III background investigations start at $499.00 (plus mileage / .50 cents per mile).  Depending on the number of field contacts/locations to be visited the fee for this service can increase. 
Please go to our "CONTACT US" page to request a quote for this service.


Perhaps you have won a civil judgment, or are involved in a family court matter, or a child custody hearing.  Maybe you  are the owner of a business and are considering a partner,  or have been defrauded by a partner/investor.   Whatever your situation, Asset information  would be an "invaluable" tool to "avoiding" or "collecting" money from those who would like to take it!

Knowledge and Skill are essential prerequisites for conducting these specialized investigations.  Our investigators have both and receive extensive training in locating "Hard" (Property) and "Soft" (Financial) assets.  We are "tenacious" in our pursuit of assets and will exhaust "all" efforts to disclose "all" assets acquired by the target of our investigation.

Our Asset Investigations can include, but are not limited to: Brokerage Accounts / Mutual Funds / Aircrafts / Bank Accounts / Board of Equalization Records / UCC Filings / Business Affiliations / Credit Review / Real & Personal Property / Stock & Bonds / Professional Licenses / Civil Suits / Tax Liens / Field Investigation  and Site Inspections

Make no mistake!  We will find the assets! 
Please go to our "CONTACT US" page to request a Customized Search that will suit your needs!
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